Glasses Case Mockup Set (Product Mock-Ups)

Glasses Case Mockup Set (Product Mock-Ups)

Glasses Case Mockup Set is a great tool to showcase your design, your product or branding. Indeed, it looks like a priceless purchase for businesses?, medical establishments, and of course, for the web and graphic design projects.

Smart objects facilitate and smooth up the customization? process – just in a few clicks you shall bring the ultimate design of your product or simply showcase a texture, logo, patterns you’ve crafted with love. Even if you’ve never done it before, the algorithm? is as simple as a, b, c – click twice on the smart object in the PSD file, replace your design and save the project. Done!

Bonus: an adorable leather texture, so smooth and matte, that looking at will never be enough – you will always burn with desire to touch it. Use this fabulous texture separately or with the mockup. Anyway, the result will not be missed!

Let’s sum up:

  • 3 Hi-res PSD Files (72 DPI / 3000×2000 px)
  • Smart Objects for easy mockup customization
  • Fabulous leather texture that can be used separately or with the mockup