Red Envelopes and Packets (Product Mock-Ups)

Red Envelopes and Packets (Product Mock-Ups)

Giving Red envelope or packet ( lai see, hóngb?o ) is an Asian tradition of gifting money during holidays or special occasions such as weddings, graduation or the birth of a baby.

This mock-up lets you plan out your envelope design and add a gold foil effect. The result is a realistic and unique presentation ready to impress your client.

By purchasing this mock up you will receive 5 Photoshop files. Add your own images, logos or text in seconds, by copy and pasting your design into the designated layers. For detailed instructions please read the Help file. !Please note, you can not change the background.!

In the downloaded file you will find:

  • set1.psd
  • set2.psd
  • set3.psd
  • set4.psd
  • Help.pdf

File resolution is 2000 × 1500 px at 72ppi, the color mode is in RGB. You can open the files in the following programs:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • Adobe Photoshop CC